SCOPE Concept development and production of site specific installation for Reform’s showroom at Gl Kongevej, Copenhagen, Denmark.

CONCEPT Four sets of organza curtains are placed close to the facade between the window display and flow of visitors inside the showroom. These curtains assume four colours represented in the kitchen display, lifting them upwards fading into a transparent white. The curtains move on a wire suspension spanning the full depth of the showroom making it possible to reconfigure the space. 
The curtains have several functions; Serving as colour backdrop to the showroom windows emphasising the colours of the kitchens. Adding the softness of textile among the hard surfaces of kitchens. And creating depth and layers in the open space of the showroom without blocking the view.

PRODUCTION 8 curtains of 100 x 300 cm silk organza.
Colour recipes developed to match Reform kitchen colours.
Hand dyed gradients spanning from full colour to white.
Wire suspension.

CREDITS Showroom photos by Peter Dalsgaard. Illustrations by Lea Paulsen.