Lea Paulsen studio
Folkvarsvej 24, kld. 
2000 Frederiksberg C 
+45 51281477


Lea Paulsen has a background in architecture and textile design. Combining skills and knowledge from both fields she currently works with site-specific textile installations in commissioned design projects and set design.

Paulsen studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture (2006-2013), where she developed her interest in the correlation between spaces, materiality and light. During this time she spend a semester at the School of Design studying textile design and weaving.

Since 2016 Paulsen has been exploring textile as a medium for construction on both small and larger scale. This exploration has led her to studies and collaborations in places such as Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Iceland and Sweden.

In 2018 she set up studio in Copenhagen from where she still works.

Paulsen’s practice centeres around textile as a soft and dynamic manifestation in the static framework of architecture, creating a physical, spatial experience of the immaterial - making gravity visible, animating the fluctuations in air and light, aiming to render new spatial experiences linking art and architecture.

Paulsen’s practice is determined by the processes and parameters of studio production. In her studio she develops colour designs, hand-dyes silk, produces 1:1 mock ups and constructs finished pieces.

Paulsen is available for commission and collaboration.